Built environments shape culture.

We shape the built environment.

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We believe that the built environment can do more—that organizations and cities can reclaim, rebuild and reconnect us to the places we live—and each other.


The spaces we design encourage interactions between people.

When people interact they exchange ideas, share stories and build relationships.

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Fostering a Culture of Collaboration

We design spaces that house and reinforce these interactions, helping boost new partnerships and unlock possibilities.

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Building Stronger Communities

We design environments that encourage growth and provide flexibility for events and social gatherings that help shape culture.

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Creating Environments for Wellness

Well-designed spaces promote wellness by providing respite, exposure to nature and access to physical activity.

We built REALM to help our clients create great public spaces, one realm at a time.

Canopy Hotel

Columbus, Ohio

Under Construction

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Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, Ohio

Under Construction

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Corporate Campus

Chillicothe, Ohio

Under Construction

The Mew

Madison, Wisconsin

In Design

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Neighborhood Center

Buffalo, New York

Under Construction

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TriHealth Thomas Comprehensive Care Center

Cincinnati, Ohio

Design Development

Village Square



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Urban Campus

Columbus, Ohio

In Design

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Olentangy River District

Columbus, Ohio


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Charter School Campus



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Centennial Promenade

Denver, Colorado

Master Planning

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Daily Growler

Columbus, Ohio


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University of Toledo

Toledo, Ohio

Concept Design

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Riverfront Park

Columbus, Ohio


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Frank Fetch Pergola

Columbus, Ohio

Under Construction

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BrewDog USA Headquarters

Canal Winchester, Ohio


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Private Garden

Cleveland, Ohio


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Smart Campus

Columbus, Ohio



We help our clients deliver on their promise.

The environment you create impacts the quality of life for people. 


Clients & Collaborators

Some of the amazing people we work with.